Architectural modelling and detailing


We provide a high end Architectural modelling and detailing services by ensuring the quality and by following the client base standards. We specialize in delivering architectural modeling and detailing services, design and visualization support for new built, retrofits refurbishment and renovation projects. We have a very structured and specialized quality check system which gives us the high end report of issues and errors occurring while working on BIM project. This enables us to provide our client accurate and precise output based on their requirement.

In addition to the Architectural modelling service we pass out the other benefits including of material take-offs, interference checks and improved compatibility with other visualisation tools, such as 3Ds Max and sketch up.

Our project execution cycle is very well defined and it’s absolutely structured as to how do we start a project and work through the finishing line for each project. We pay attention to spatial allocations, building geometry, properties of building materials and much more while executing projects.

We strive to deliver précised and detailed Architectural Modelling and detailing Services which will play an important role in reducing cost, enhance productivity and save time and enable our clients to focus on their core business without conceding on the quality.

Following are the highlighted Architectural modelling and detailing services which we offer,

  • Converting 2D drawings in to 3D Model
  • Interior modelling including of Furniture and equipment’s
  • Model-based Architectural BOQ’s
  • Coordination Model for Subcontractors
  • Architectural Family Creation
  • DD and Construction documentation
  • Creating an
  • Creating of as-built Drawings & Models
  • PDF and Scan conversion drawings
  • Scheduling & Presentation Models
  • Creating a models by using the 3D laser scan data (Point cloud)

Structural modelling and detailing


We provide a high end Structural modelling and detailing service by following the international codes and standards for various type of structures like RC, Steel and composite structures. We work and develop Structural models based on the input specifications and drawings that we receive from the client. Inputs can be in form of pdfs, CAD Drawings, Sketches or images. We identify details and information from the drawings, analyze the design and will send across our observations pertaining to designs as well.

We are committed to provide the best possible Structural Modelling and detailing Services at cost effective prices.

Following are the highlighted Structural modelling and detailing services which we offer,

  • Converting 2D drawings to 3D Model
  • Model-based Structural BOQ’s
  • Coordination Model for Subcontractors
  • Family Creation for all type of Structural elements
  • Structural Analytical model which can be used for engineering/analysis.
  • Shop and Erection drawings
  • Creating of as-built Drawings & Models
  • Scheduling and Presentation Models
  • PDF and Scan conversion drawings
  • Rebar modelling and detailing
  • Creating a models by using the 3D laser scan data (Point cloud)

MEP modelling and detailing


Along with Architectural, Structural modelling and detailing service we offer to deliver highly proficient MEPF modelling services for Residential, commercial, Hospitals, Hotels and Industrial structures. We provide BIM services for Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical, Plumbing and Firefighting based on input received from respective consultants for each stage i.e. Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation.

We are renowned for delivering highly detailed MEP BIM Models in a cost effective manner along with quick turnaround time. We have expertise in building families, contents and absolute coordinated MEPF models based on client requirements. Our BIM capabilities includes creation of Revit Families, Legends and Title blocks, generating System based Families, Fixtures etc in HVAC, Comprehensive Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Model.

MEP BIM Models that we create are highly accurate and are in accordance to the MEPF Design developed by studying the project and data received in form of inputs by the client. This includes design specifications, dimensions, internal detailing as well as various other geometrical details of the project. Further, we are also competent at generating MEP Shop Drawings from the MEP Model that we create.

Following are the highlighted MEP modelling and detailing services which we offer,

  • Converting 2D Drawings to Mechanical, plumbing, Electrical and Firefighting Models,
  • Preparing a MEP Erection and Shop Drawings
  • Detailing of MEP components
  • Model-based BOQ’s Discipline-wise
  • Parametric Component Modelling and MEP Family creation
  • Scheduling and Presentation Models
  • Electrical connected load model
  • Firefighting and evacuation models
  • Creating a models by using the 3D laser scan data (Point cloud)
  • Isometric drawings and sectional drawings. Riser diagrams and details
  • Water distribution pipe modelling and detailing
  • Drainage water piping modelling and detailing

Clash Detection and Report services


With multiple players in a project, each player will have their individual focus and thus designs separately and deliver their part of drawings. The collaborative co-ordination between the players is a seldom job leading to numerous inconsistencies and clashes in the drawings. This invites change orders; wastage of time, indirect costs incurred during idle time and cost over-runs. Clash Co-ordination helps in identifying these clashes and Errors before the design and drawings are finalized and signed-off for construction. Virtually, clash detection is the process of integrating 3D various models together and identifying any discrepancies that need to be resolved. A clash might be with two elements from different models that overlap in space, or it might be something more complex, like one element interfering with others sequence of another. We work with the Design to Build Team to perform the clash detection and communicate the issues to the concerned players. This helps everyone to participate in the process of issue resolution unless we have a clash-free coordinated model.

Quantification Services


Model based BOQs aiding to planning, procurement, Tendering, Estimating and Billing teams. BOQs can be made based on requirement from Architect or concerned authority. It may be phase wise, floor wise or in custom format which basically depends upon the client’s requirement.

BIM model generates accurate quantity of all materials. These quantities are automatically updated with any changes in the BIM model. Quantity Take-Off (QTO) reports can be formatted in Excel and exported to a database for detailed analysis. Quantities can be generated for a specific time period or project area (4D/5D) to help manage material procurement and save inventory costs.

4D Modelling service


It is the intelligent linking of individual 3D model elements or assemblies with time or schedule related information. The term 4D refers to fourth dimension. I.e. 4D = 3D+Time. By assigning the time duration to each element in scheduling it will helps to create 4D models.

  • Progress Update & Planned vs Actual representation
  • Preparing a Timeline Simulation Video of a specific part or all the Construction Activities
  • Mapping 3D Model with Initial Planned Schedule provided by Contractor/ Consultant/ Owner/Client Representative.

5D Modelling services


Model based BOQs aiding planning, procurement, Tendering, Estimating and Billing teams. BOQs can be made as per the requirement. It may be phase wise, floor wise or in custom format. As we know for any kind of task in project Time is Money so with Time and Money both mapped with 3D elements, it helps the Owner to better manage his cash flow and open the doors for integrated project delivery.

Auto Cad Detailing Services

  • Creating AutoCAD Models and Drawings starting from concept to construction stage
  • AutoCAD Architectural Documentation starting from concept, schematic, Design development and up to the construction stage.
  • AutoCAD Structural detailing which helps to create schematic GA drawings, Erection drawings and fabrication drawings for various structural elements
  • AutoCAD MEP Documentation which helps to create schematic GA drawings, Erection drawings and fabrication for various MPEF elements
  • AutoCAD Precast detailing which helps to create Schematic GA drawings, Erection drawings and fabrication drawings for various precast elements.

Structural Engineering Services


We provide effective, economical and variety of structural analysis and design solutions using FEM Technique. We have a transparent and participative environment at our work place, which enables us to handle the most complex and comprehensive structural design. 

The process involves to create Preliminary drawings along with Preliminary design basis report based on the initial level drawings and will submit the same for the first level approval on a preliminary design, once we get the approval then will start our actual analysis and design of the structural system. Our design base outputs are very much detailed in terms of detailing and as well as the design.

Our engineers are well conversant with International codes and standards in the area of structural engineering. Our structural analysis and design services seamlessly integrate with your design team in the most cost effective way. Our main strength in analysis and design is static, Dynamic, Non-linear Static, P-Delta and Bucking Analysis. We are good in Earthquake Analysis using Response Spectrum and Time History analysis.

Some of our Structural analysis and design services include:

  • Validation of Structural Designs.
  • Design of various Reinforced Cement Concrete, Precast structures and Steel Structures
    • Residential/ Commercial buildings
    • Hospitality structures
    • Car parking Structures
    • Cooling towers
    • Powerhouse building
    • Water treatment plants
    • Conveyor system.
    • Turbine Generator and equipment Foundations
    • Refineries, Hydrogen Reformers, Fertiliser plants, process plants
    • Air cooled Condenser Plants
    • Boiler Supporting Structures
  • Design of Precast Build structures
  • Replacement Structure Designs for any deteriorated structures
  • Design of wooden structures like fish repair centres, sheds, residential structures etc
  • Design of composite structures
  • Our main strength lies in analysis and Design of free form Structures using FEM technique (Like Building which do not carry any specific shape)

Our Domain


Our in‐depth domain knowledge and technical competence sets us apart from the pack of generic technology consultants. We provide the best service with following domains:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospital Buildings
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Entertainment Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Refinery & Petrochemical, chemical and Water treatment plants

Model Validation and Auditing

We also validate the BIM model provided by other consultants with the latest construction documents, references and RFI responses. Constructability Audit is also done to resolve all issues for seamless construction and future maintenance. Construction risk is minimized by reviewing complex details and procedures before going on site.

Relationship and Collaboration Models


Our collaboration models are mentioned as “RCM”, which we usually offer’s to our clients, we always prefer to work based on client’s flexibility with their preferable option and collaboration models can be changed based on client’s requirement.