Precast structures modelling and detailing

Precast Modelling and Detailing Services

We are very much specialized to provide modelling and detailing services for precast structures using the Revit/CAD tool for various type of Precast Structures such as Parking garages, Commercial complexes, warehouses, hospitality structures, residential villas and apartments. As of now we have completed many of the precast projects across the globe and having a very bold working experience for US, UK, European and Indian projects.

Following are our highlighted modelling and detailing services which we offer for Precast Structures,

  • Creating a Fabrication level 3D models to create erections drawings and shop drawings for various type of precast elements.
  • Creating shop drawings for various types of precast elements such as Double tees, IT beams, Spandrels, wall panels, columns and Hollow core panels.
  • Create a at actual erection drawings which includes Floor plans, sections, elevations and sectional details for various type of precast connections.
  • Create a detailed working sections such as wall to wall connections, wall to floor connections.
  • Create a Parametric 3D models to extract the accurate quantities for precast inserts, volume of concrete and BBS for Rebar’s.
  • Converting 2D Drawings to 3D Models.