BIM Consulting and Implementation Services

We are committed to be innovative with new technologies; we always prefer to use new technologies for optimum utilization of available resources. We also recommend our clients to use new technologies which specifically reduce the time, money and to avoid the rework.

Implementing Revit as the primary design tool can be a daunting, time consuming, and overly expensive task. In order to provide a fully developed implementation, customized to your specific presentation needs, and the type of work that your firm specializes in, you can dedicate vital internal resources for an indefinite period of time and hope it works out…or you can call the experts at Matrix BIM and Design Solutions. Our Solution Engineers have years of experience developing Revit to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We can help you to structure, simplify, and automate Revit and its components into a powerhouse design tool that will help you to tighten budgets, complete work more quickly, get the more projects done, and make more profits.

we can help you create and maintain a family library that is specific to your organization by removing the out-of-the box families that you will never use and customizing your frequently used families. We can also create custom details and call outs.

we can help you to set up corporate drawing templates, drafting styles and object printing display styles to ensure all designers are using the correct formats for all corporate projects right from the start. This helps keep projects on time and budget while limiting redesigns.

Design optimization involves finding the best design parameters that satisfy project requirements. We start by reviewing your organization’s current modeling procedures and techniques. We then find where gaps exist and optimize the design parameters. Once the design parameters are optimized for your needs, we present a final plan and deploy it to the design professionals within your organization.

assessing the technical skills of your staff with their current design software is a major stumbling block for firms looking to increase proficiency. Matrix is specifically structured for helping our clients verify their employees existing skill sets and determining which areas they need assistance and training in. Our Professional staff can help you to determine the level of training and support needed for every software.

An Electronic Document Management system allows your organization to centralize all your project information — both drawings and administrative files such as MS Word, Outlook, and Excel documents – into a single database that ensures users are always working with the most current versions of your data. They also enable active collaboration, simplify administration, increase project delivery speeds and  give your firm complete control over who can access files and folders, as well as what they can and cannot do with them.